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Dear Members and supporters…Augusta Margaret River Clean Community Energy (AMRCCE) did not collect membership fees in 2020 due to the impact of Covid-19 on our community and potentially AMRCCE’s ability to work towards its goal of greenhouse gas emissions. However, far from falling short of our goals, AMRCCE has achieved some excellent outcomes that are outlined below.
In 2021, AMRCCE has again decided to waive ongoing membership fees opting instead, to ask for a once only joining fee and donations from existing members and the broader community. Donations will contribute towards ongoing work on the Wind Farm and Biogas Feasibility Studies and our new program, Zero: The Revolving Fund (see below). As we  now have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Status donations are tax deductible and can be made by electronic transfer or credit card on the link below.
AMRCCE celebrates 4 years since it commenced working to reduce community emissions in our Shire whose Climate Action Plan now targets zero emissions by 2030. Financially supported by the Shire of Augusta Margaret River, AMRCCE members and other donors including Rotary Margaret River, AMRCCE has pursued to date three major projects and is about to start a new project:the wind farm feasibility study;the biogas feasibility study  clean green energy andZero: The Revolving Fund.More information on these projects below.

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The Wind Farm Feasibility Study
Whilst progress has been slow, successful wind monitoring at our selected site has provided analysis indicating the potential financial viability of wind generation equivalent to 40% of the energy consumed from the grid in our shire. Emission reduction from this project is expected to be around 25,000 tonnes CO2/year.

Your committee has recently conducted another high-level review and confirmed the project continues to show commercial viability. We are progressing our connection application with Western Power and that means we are now at the stage of needing to raise considerable funding to meet the high costs of this process.

The Biogas Feasibility StudyAMRCCE has now completed the first two stages of this study: the extensive farmers’ survey and more recently the effluent separation trial. For the trial AMRCCE partnered with dairy farmer Brad Boley and received funding from the State Government’sRegional Estuaries Initiative through theDepartment of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER).The Initiative is a $20 millionStateGovernment program to improve the health of six estuaries in the South Westincluding the HardyInlet whichreceives water flows fromthe Scott and Blackwood Rivers.

Besides providing crucial information to the feasibility study, the trial has also resulted in more sustainable dairying. Effluent is processed in a Z-filter which separates the dairy effluent stream into liquids and solids producing compost enhancing carbon sequestration and improving soil structure whilst the liquid is used for irrigation reducing fertilizer use and demand on underground water. Together, Brad is achieving significant savings whilst reducing methane emissions and sequestering Carbon.
Clean Green Energy for our Local Community
In March of this year we entered into a partnership with energy retailer, Clear Energy Pty Ltd, to act as their marketing and management agents to deliver a local solution for  more reliable, affordable, and clean energy to the community of Augusta Margaret River. Our agreement aims to deliver more than 20MW of renewable generation capacity within five years and in doing so will reduce emissions in the shire by over 12,500 tonnes CO2/year.  The agreement will also result in:local employment and revenue retention for investment within the local community;more affordable energy particularly for businesses which are high energy users, including those in the agricultural sector; cheaper, cleaner energy without having to find the capital cost for the installation with photovoltaic panels (PVs) and inverters owned by Clear Energy.Our local representative is Rob MacDonald who can be contacted on 0418 736 405 or
Zero: The Revolving Fund
Zero: The Revolving Fund is AMRCCE’s next program due to commence in the new financial year. The program empowers individuals and communities to invest collectively in greenhouse emissions reduction initiatives through donations that continue to work into the future. The Revolving Fund provides zero-interest loans to pay for practical projects that reduce greenhouse emissions. Typically, these are renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that otherwise would not occur. Loan repayments go back into the fund and help fund subsequent projects.Establishment of the program has been made possible with funding of $65,000 from the Shire of Augusta Margaret River’s Resilience Fund and a donation of $25,000 from Tersum Pty Ltd, the parent company of Clear Energy. However, future funding will be largely by project-based donations, and the repayments from previous loans. As a donation driven program the Revolving Fund is envisaged to have an ever increasing pool of funds.The Revolving Fund is based on the very successful zero-interest loan program run by Corena in South Australia. AMRCCE is most grateful of the assistance provided by Corena to establish this program.The Revolving Fund aims to fast track practical emission reduction projects that contribute to the sustainability of our community by assisting community groups to decrease their energy consumption, access renewable energy and other greenhouse emissions reduction initiatives and in doing so reducing their energy bills making their services/programs more affordable to the community trey serve while at the same time benefiting the environment.In the future we will also consider funding low-income individual households.

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