Time to renew your membership

It’s that time again when we ask for your support by renewing your AMRCCE membership.

Our project depends on us having the Augusta-Margaret River community behind us. Your membership is proof of that. It is the the way we can demonstrate to government and business that our project has your support and is truly community based. We also need your financial support to pay for the unavoidable cash expenses of running our organisation.

Here is a summary of the work we have been doing over the busy last few months:

  • Participated in the AMR Climate Summit and were voted the number 1 priority project.
  • Completed over 15 months of wind monitoring with the Fulcrum3D soDar which will be collected from the site in early August.
  • A site visit from turbine manufacturers Enercon will take place in late July allowing the wind turbine suppliers to see the site of the proposed wind farm and the roads through which the turbines will have to be carried. The visit will also enable further discussions in relation to the latest wind data and its significance regarding turbine choice.
  • Collaborated with scientists from UWA and the University of Southern Queensland, the Lower Blackwood LCDC and several large dairy farmers to identify an innovative process to separate dairy effluent a process that has the potential to eliminate nutrient run-off from dairy effluent into the waterways. A funding application to conduct a six-month on-farm trial of the process is under consideration.
  • Commenced investigations of Virtual Power Plants to assist the community reduce emissions and consumption of energy from the grid. The recent Augusta Margaret River Climate Sumit identified such a project as the second of the 11 projects to assist. AMRCCE has met with Tersum Energy who is working with Geraldton Community Energy to establish a community owned retailer and we are currently assessing whether their model can be applied to communities such ours. It is vital that we conduct a thorough due diligence before we can lend our support to this or any other initiatives and before we gauge community interest.
  • Completed our application for Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status which will allow us to give tax deduction for donations. Whilst the that process may take some 12 months to finalise, we have received confirmation of our registration as a Charity from the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission and our Western Australian Fund Raising Licence.
  • Submitted an application to the Natural Resource Management for a $220,000 contribution towards the anaerobic digester and co-digestion optimisation study.
  • Briefed the Shire and requested consideration for their continued financial support in the 2019/2020 budget.
  • Met and briefed Ministers and members of parliament on our projects.

We think you will agree that your support is deserved!

Now, what we need from you is to stay part of this exciting project by renewing your membership here. It’s just $20/year for individuals and $30/year for families.

Thank you and we look forward to continuing to work hard (with your support) to make Augusta-Margaret River energy greener and fairer.

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