Energy Efficieny Workshop


The biggest differences we can make to our home energy use:

  • Changing to solar hot water (traditional solar is more efficient than a Heat Pump)
  • Installing ceiling insulation (R3+), using well-fitted window coverings
  • Using ceiling & portable fans instead of air-con (reverse ceiling fans help in winter too)
  • Switching all appliances off at the powerpoint whenever possible (use multi-switch powerboards or Eco Switch)
  • Turning off second fridges & freezers
  • Using a ‘solar drier’ or airer instead of a tumble drier

Tips & Tricks  (more at

  • Insulate hot water pipes with lagging.  It’s easy & inexpensive!
  • Set your fridge to 5°C. Set your freezer to -16°C. Invest in a fridge/freezer thermometer if you don’t have one built-in.
  • Check your fridge seal regularly.  Find a $5 note, open the door & close it with the note in the seal.  If the note slides out easily, you need to replace your seal.
  • Consider a solar tube light for dark rooms.  They can provide the equivalent of 100W of light in Winter & 500W in Summer!
  • Low voltage lighting does not mean low energy!  It’s the Watts that count.  Replace halogens with LEDs where possible.
  • Install a timer on your electric storage or electric-boosted solar hot water system.
  • Make your next computer a laptop: they consume 90% less energy than desktop PCs!
  • Plasma TVs are energy vampires!  Choose an LED when you next upgrade.  Compare new appliance energy ratings.
  • Seal gaps in your home with caulking gun, weather-strips & door sweeps.  Do a draught audit by holding an incense stick next to doors/windows.  Smoke blowing indicates problems.


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