Local Farmer supporting AMRCCE

AMRCCE would like to thank Warner Glen dairy farmer Ross Woodhouse for his generous support of the feasibility study on the proposed power generation project.

Mr Woodhouse has previously undertaken his own consultant studies into biogas power generation and has kindly given those documents to AMRCCE to use in our project viability assessments.

In addition, he facilitated our access to comprehensive wind studies undertaken on his property. The documents represent a significant cost saving to the project and will supplement the data collection currently being undertaken.

Even more important is Mr Woodhouse’s ongoing interest in being part of the project should it prove viable. The cooperation of local dairy farmers will be crucial in proving up the biogas component of the proposal, and understanding the possibilities for utilisation of dairy waste not only for power generation, but also as an environmentally friendly fertiliser product that can be supplied back to farmers.

Mr Woodhouse was unable to proceed with the projects he researched as an individual, but is excited about being part of a community effort to generate a sustainable power supply.

The next phase of our investigation will involve interviews with dairy farmers in the area to determine the quantity of dairy effluent available to feed a biodigester, and the level of interest in supplying such a facility.

A major benefit of the biogas component of the project would be the removal of excess soluble nutrients that could find their way into waterways leading to algal blooms and pollution.

There is a lot more work to be done, but vital support from key players like Ross Woodhouse makes our clean energy vision come closer to realisation.

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