AMRCCE is delighted to announce that…

it has entered into an Energy Marketing and Management Agreement with Clear Energy to deliver reliable, affordable and clean energy to the community of Augusta Margaret River.

The agreement aims to deliver more than 20MW of renewable generation capacity and to reduce emissions by in excess of 12,500 tonnes Co2/year. Besides cleaner and more affordable energy, the agreement will also result in local employment and revenue retention for investment within the local community.

It comes after a thorough due diligence process conducted over the last 18 months and is similar to that of Clear Energy and Geraldton Community Energy. 

The arrangement will result in more affordable energy particularly for businesses which are high energy users, including those in the agricultural sector. There are no up-front costs to users for the renewable assets which will be owned by Clear Energy and will be topped up by grid-sourced electricity where required.  Householders will also benefit from cheaper energy without having to find the capital for the installation of renewable assets. 

A key consideration in coming to the agreement was that any partner needed to demonstrate a genuine commitment to sustainability, social responsibility and community engagement and be prepared to adhere to the highest standard of ethics. Our measure of this was whether we would be comfortable that the agreement would be one that we would be prepared to promote to our nearest and dearest and ensure that any prospective customer would be fully and properly informed.

We feel that in Clear Energy we have found a suitable partner and are delighted to have signed our partnership agreement!

A link to our press release provides further information

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